WAISAL Swimming Report

A huge congratulations to the LCS WAISAL swimmers who not only did a great job winning the overall trophy but also won the boy's team banner and the girl's team banner which means that they both won their individual competitions.

All swimmers had numerous best times, and every A team swimmer contributed to the team's points. A staggering three school records were broken. Jayden Perry broke his own record in the 200 meter freestyle with a time of 2:16.32!  The 15 & Older boys relay team broke the 4 x 50 (200 meter) medley relay and the 4 x 50 (200 meter) freestyle relay. 

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the meet a success.  IB students helped with marshaling and other areas of event management.  Teachers helped with officiating, timing, MC-ing, DJ-ing, and cheering.  Parents helped with timing, marshaling, and hosting the visiting parents and coaches. The IT department helped with running the scoreboard, setting up and managing all the technical aspects of the event.  A special mention goes to Waseem Jaber (Class of 2024) for being on-site both days, playing music, and ensuring we had a festive atmosphere for the weekend.  The security team and cleaning crew made sure we were all safe and that our environment was clean and inviting.  

Special thanks to the coaching staff - Coach Ayiki, Coach Charles, and Coach Amanda for the hours they put into preparing the team and for all the work they put in throughout the weekend.  And an extra special thanks to Mr. George and Mr. Kwame and their team for making sure all the athletes, coaches, and spectators had an amazing experience.